Introducing Mapoteca

Mapoteca Bkg

Since 2016 with my Co-Founder Pablo Perez we started a journey of building a company from scratch, in Chile: Mapoteca. This South American country (we are originally from there), offer a great community to start a business. They have well deserve the recognition of the global entrepreneurial leaders as one the hot spots to start a business.

Our first approach in Mapoteca of course was a different idea. We starting offering data visualisation projects for environmental companies, due my experience on that field. To ‘nichy’? To be honest, yes! Even if we sold a product on that niche, it will took to long to educate the market about how they could take advantage of their data about environmental projects to do more. So, we pivoted.

Our second approach came to us as a coincidence (or not). I made a trip to Chile from London (were I live) during March during 2017, I was invited for a company to talk about spatial data science (Yes, I do spatial data science and visualisation. I also sing like an Angel) to explore new technologies for their daily basis operations. It was one of the biggest power supply companies in Chile.

As soon as we started our conversation, it’s seems they were running into several issues that could be resolved using remote sensing. Such as inspections or surveys, that today are made using people on the field. So, I recommended to them to explore using data from Satellite, Drones or LIDAR to improve their operation. They said, yes. So, from that moment Mapoteca was a spatial data analysis company.

Magically Pablo’s experience and my own, matched perfectly. He has been teaching about remote sensing in Chile for a couple of years, and as a professional he has worked for Energy Industry. In my case, I have been analysing and visualising data for the las two years. All the neccesary skills covered, at the least for now. Not even Tinder could do that match better.

Then the recommendations became a sale, and the embryonic product became a tech MVP. This MVP now have started to be tested with more clients, and has allow us to be part of applications for funding.

From that consultancy meeting to this point it’s been around six months. Pretty fast right? We’ll see what happens next semester.