Calais Jungle Evolution: 2015-2016.

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This images shows in a tempo-spatial comparision the evolution of the Calais encampment of refugees and migrants also called Calais Jungle, in France. These two images are extracted from google earth using historical imagines tool. I am performing a temporal comparision as well using both compositions utilising juxtapose.


According to Help Refugees were 7,037 people living in the camp in Calais, seeing a persistent pattern of growth, which if sustained, will amount to a population of over 10,000 come September (2016).

Migration inside the Jungle

A. 2015

Doing just an analysis based on the image we can see that the occupation in 2015 follows a classic spatial pattern which means people located next to the roads, in this case tents following pathways to main roads, converging towards a concentrated settlement in the North area of the encampment as the next image shows:

2015 Source: Google Earth

The blue dots showed on the satelital image corresponds to the blue roofs of tents:

2015 Source: malachybrowne

B. 2016

In less than a year the tents were replaced by a more organize and planned occupation. We observe that the natural localization (following paths) evolved to a migration to the north area of Calais Jungle (forced by the authorities). We can see the efects of the occupation on the natural vegetation in the area, reduced now to areas sorounding the lake. Nevertheless big trees remain along the northern border to create a natural wall, separating Calais Jungle from industries located next to the settlement.

2016 Source: Google Earth

The blue dots showed on the satelital image corresponds to blue roofs were replaced by white containers, built to give people shelter specially in cold weather conditions, but sorounded by fences. Also grey areas appears due the work of bulldozers which are starting the demolition process and also “reducing” the space of the encampment.

BBC Source: BBC

During October 2016 French government started officially the demolition and relocation of migrantes settled on Calais Jungle. Nevertheless migration and the causes for this type of migration are not considered as a problem in terms of crisis, just the effects.