Adult Obesity and Golf Courts Location

US as almost the most part of the occidental countries have a high percentage of obese adult population. To fight this pandemic different programs and projects have been created, but there is still a long way to go, specially related to inequality and access to infraestructure for physical activity.

In this case I created two maps showing the relationship among golf courts location, adult obesity percentage and income per state in United States. My aim is to understand if golf is part (or not) of the neccesary infraestructure available for people to achieve the goal of weight lost and well beign.

Golf courts are represented in this two maps as the animated heatmap populating the obesity and income maps.

In terms of obesity we observe that there is a concentration of high percentages in eastern and southern states. Instead, golf courts are concentrated on the norther states, also with two other clusters, the first one at the east cost, and the second one mainly in California. We can see that these two spatial patterns differ from one to another:

Now talking about income, we’ll see a strong correlation between this spatial patterns and golf court concentration. In fact, golf courts follows the concentration of higher incomes in US. If we add to this scenario that obesity follows the path of lower incomes, we can conclude that golf courts have nothing to do with lower incomes states in US, as the next map shows:

Of course golf is not the cause for north american adult obesity but today every physical activity is a way to fight that desease, so democratize golf courts location could be part of plans and strategies to give to people more options to practice a sport. Golf is a great practice for low intensity cardio that obese people needs in terms to start a safe physical activity.